Visitors Centers

Florida Power & Light Manatee Lagoon Visitor Center

CMS was contracted to provide fabrication and installation of this exhibit, designed by the History Factory, at the Manatee Lagoon Visitor Center in Key West, Florida. The designer created curved, segmented, floating, wall panels to define the space and to create a feeling of fluidity to the exhibit. CMS detailed and fabricated these panels with precision and expert craftsmanship. All of the graphics and text seamlessly flows from one segment to the next. A main attraction of the exhibit are life-size artifacts of actual manatees. CMS custom detailed and fabricated the large, custom unit which included expert millwork, inset lighting and graphics. Artifact mounting occured on-site by CMS artifact mountmakers. Three (3) touchscreen, interactive AV units are also in the exhibit and are incorporated into the curved floating walls.

History Factory - New Balance World Headquarters

CMS fully engineered, fabricated and installed all components and graphics for this exhibit designed by the History Factory of Washington, DC. for their client’s world headquarters, located in Boston, Mass. CMS initially worked with the design team at the History Factory, approximately a year in advance, to identify methods and materials to fulfill the design intent. Multiple budget checks were required as the design evolved. Many limitations were imposed by building and engineering codes that the CMS team tirelessly worked out in order to fulfill all design needs. Once fabrication began, the tripod structure required very specialized work. Every triangle on the unit is a different size and they each attach at very specific angles. Many man hours of 3D design were required to fully detail and engineer the structure before it could even be fabricated. Expert coordination between the architect and general contractor was required by CMS during the construction phase in order to provide accurate positioning of attachment points to the building. It also was required as graphics were being produced to make sure all imagery and text were properly aligned on the angled, triangular structures. All of this was done on a very compressed time frame and with a firm, client-driven deadline.

Canaveral Port Authority

CMS, working in close collaboration with Haley Sharpe Design, provided detailing, fabrication and installation of a new 22,000 square foot Cove Welcome Center featuring an iconic, seven story structure overlooking the Cape Canaveral Bay in Florida. Designed by world-renown architect GWWO, the building is the centerpiece of an extensive redevelopment of “The Cove,” (a harbor-side dining and retail area as well as a community hub, repository of local history, visitor magnet and gateway to the region’s attractions.) The new Cove Welcome Center features exciting exhibitry on all seven levels with some exterior exhibits as well. CMS was also responsible for the painting and flooring elements (rubber flooring, custom printed flooring and carpet tiles) on each floor in addition to hiring electrical subcontractors to meet requirements specific to our exhibit elements. All on-site work was done in concert with the building construction firm’s (SKANSKA) schedule to ensure successful turn-over of each floor as they were completed and ready for installation of exhibit components.

Arlington National Cemetery

CMS was contracted by Arlington National Cemetery to provide detailing, fabrication and installation of a series of etched-glass, panel displays, canvas prints, light-boxes and multiple, artifact display cases to honor the anniversary of America’s entrance into World War I. Display components include three niche areas consisting of 100” tall glass panels displayed at varying depths on a laminated base structure which float in front of a wallpaper graphic with 3-dimensional lettering. Flanking each niche area are large, canvas-stretched prints and light box structures conveying stoic images of the Cemetery. Adjoining hallway areas have large wallpaper mural scenes applied directly to the drywall for maximum impact to the visitors. Six free-standing, base units within the main display hall consist of glass-etched panels each with silk screened text and applied layers of graphics – all of which pay tribute to the tombstones and ceremonial traditions found within the Cemetery grounds. Several custom display cases dispersed around the room depict valued artifacts such as medals, a solitary bugle and various gifts left by visiting dignitaries. In the center of the room, stands an elaborate Bugler figure (by StudioEIS), dressed in full uniform with bugle pursed at lips, ready for ceremony.

Alexandria Renew Enterprises Water Education Center

CMS provided final exhibit detailing, fabrication, delivery and installation for this interactive and educational exhibit for Alexandria Renew Enterprises, one of the most advanced water resource public utilities in the United States. CMS worked closely throughout the project with the designer, The Design Minds, and the client. Exhibit elements include: - An aerial view photo of Alexandria Renew Enterprises produced and used as the background of an interactive wall unit. LED lighting was added to show paths of water exiting homes and businesses and flowing through the ARE facility. - A unique graphic rail constructed to resemble actual water filtration pipes with direct print graphics on acrylic to create dimension. - Lightbox units constructed with direct print graphics: text and inset images were printed 1st surface and backed with white making them opaque, while the background images were printed 2nd surface with a tint of white behind so they would retain their translucency.

Alexandria Renew Enterprises Outdoor Exhibit

Capitol Museum Services provided exhibit detailing, fabrication, delivery and installation for this custom, outdoor, educational exhibit for Alexandria Renew Enterprises, in Alexandria, Virginia. CMS worked closely throughout the project with the designer, The Design Minds, and the client in order to successfully achieve the many unique features of this exhibit. The exhibitry consisted of a series of educational, interactive units and graphics such as How Water Gets Dirty, This Is a Pump Station, Good Neighbors, Under The Scene, Resource Recovery, Stormwater Management, Mechanics of Pumping, What Can You Do and Welcome to The Pump Station. Interesting components of the units include resin cast pipes faux painted to resemble cement; painted “objects” to simulate water sewage; steel-welded, powder-coated bases; HPL rail graphics; sub-surface, direct print graphics; flip panels; a “scent” chamber; and a rain gauge display.

Woodlawn Plantation Visitor Center Interpretive Program

Maryland National Capitol Parks & Planning Commission - CMS was responsible for exhibit production and installation as well as multimedia final design, production and installation for the Woodlawn Visitor Center Interpretive Program in Sandy Springs, Maryland. Located within a 105-acre, historic, landscape that is the designated environmental setting of the Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park, this new facility shares the property with the 1815 Woodlawn Manor House and outbuildings. The primary interpretive program of fixed and movable exhibits, audio-visuals and multi-media programs, is located throughout three levels of the historic barn on the property. CMS’s scope of work included traditional panel exhibits which trigger audio, video and interactive displays as well as a main visitor attraction. . . a multimedia program of audio re-enactors and ambient imagery video vignettes. These vignettes appear on the interior, white-washed, stone walls of the middle and upper levels of the barn and tell the stories of enslaved, freedom-seeking persons and the free black, Quaker communities in Montgomery County. CMS scheduled and coordinated all work and install services with the program’s General Contractor. The barn required all new electrical power and lighting and exhibit show control telecommunications systems in addition to upgraded, fire-suppressed alarm systems.

Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

U.S. Fish and Wildlife – Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, Visitor Center is a newly designed “GREEN” Visitor Center facility created to educate visitors about the vast array of wildlife found in the local environ. CMS (partnering with an outside design firm) provided conceptual design, final design, detailing, fabrication and installation of the new Visitor Center in Sherman, TX. Our goal was to keep all exhibitry at eye level so that the exhibits took on the appearance of being “part” of the outside Lake environment – the center of wildlife activity!

NOAA Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary

NOAA Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary “Ocean Discovery, Learning and Training Center” CMS' most remote exhibit to date included design development services as well as fabrication / installation for the newly renovated center located in Pago Pago, American Samoa. CMS was tasked with developing interpretive displays around a pre-determined Science on a Sphere in the main Rotunda exhibit area.

NOAA Preserve America Initiative

NOAA Preserve America Initiative: “Gateway to NOAA Visitor Center” CMS was tasked to provide initial concept and design development of an overall concept to revamp the existing (closed) exhibition space at NOAA’s headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. Working diligently with both the NOAA project team and the building owner, Foulger Pratt, CMS designed branding for all interior exhibit elements as well as exterior window wrapping, marquee signage and LED messaging to attract an array of visitors’ to this highly profiled account of all NOAA Core services, past and present.

Falls Lake (USACE) Visitor Center

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Falls Lake Visitor Center. CMS provided final design, detailing, management of building renovations, fabrication, graphics production, scenic elements and installation of this renovated 1,070 square foot space overlooking the Falls Lake Dam in NC. For a relatively small exhibit space, there are several key exhibit features including: custom casework, curved panels and headers, computer stations, artifact cases, discovery “touch” boxes, a children’s interactive play table, a custom 14’ Oak Tree replica, a working 3-D Dam model, various hanging banners, 18 square feet of interpretive graphic panels and a custom exterior wayfinding sign in addition to an 8’ compass rose painted on the exterior entrance deck. CMS also provided contracting/management of local GC renovations to the interior space including: Remove and dispose of all existing exhibits; Paint and patch walls and ceilings; Stain floors; Remove stepped wall and build straight wall; Replace two (2) interior doors (Areas 1.2 and 1.3); Replace pieces in pass-through window; Install ADA automatic door opening on main entry; Install new track lighting.