National Air and Space Museum

CMS provided final detailing, value engineering, fabrication and installation for the 25,000 sq. ft. renovation of Galleries 100 and 108 of the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, which included a new Welcome desk, exhibit structures, steel platforms and steel and glass display cases. Gallery 100 consisted of two large display cases housing (5) iconic objects mounted on custom, steel structures with integrated platforms. Their fabrication and installation required close coordination with various subcontractors including structural steel specialists, electricians, mechanical security specialists and drywall and glazing installers. Over (70) unique platform sections were assembled in a specific sequence, leveled and fit into place. Back base frames were set allowing macro-artifacts with custom floor rolling brackets to be moved into position. A powder-coated, 1/4” aluminum, tiled floor was installed over a 3/4” Medite, vapor barrier. After the case glass was set, (with much skill and precision), the two side platforms could be installed, again requiring special installation sequencing.

Maryland Old State House

Restoration of the Old Senate Chamber - CMS was contracted to provide detailing, fabrication and installation services for an Interpretive Exhibit of the Old Senate Chamber (where George Washington resigned his commission) at the Old State House in Annapolis, Maryland. <> Our scope of work included: • Custom-crafted, artifact cases and casework lighting • Artifact mounts and artifact mounting • Large wall murals with applied graphic text • Touch-screen video/AV; content, coordination and install required • Exhibit track lighting • Wayward, interpretive rail graphics • Reproduction of over 40 reproduction portraits, fabric stretched and captured by custom metal frames • Custom mounting brackets for all wall hung components • Graphic labeling system throughout exhibit • Barrier rail system within historic chamber • Window benches • Furniture platforms • Custom printed and motorized window shades

All of the fabrication and install work was executed with the utmost care in this highly visited, historical building, in downtown, Annapolis, Maryland. CMS was not allowed to drill or mount the numerous reproduction prints and large monitors directly to the walls. Custom mounting brackets were conceptualized and fabricated by CMS to distribute the weight evenly across mortar joints. Artifacts were also of high, intrinsic value and importance. Our experienced mount-makers were able to skillfully tackle all required tasks and achieve successful satisfaction from the client and designer.

The Valentine Museum – First Freedom Exhibit

The Valentine First Freedom Center houses 2,200 square feet of exhibits that delve into America’s experience of religious liberty from its European antecedents through today. Updatable modules allow flexibility to highlight historical as well as contemporary events. CMS provided final detailing fabrication, finishing and installation of all exhibitry designed by The Design Minds. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a large oval shaped central display called the Four Pillars of Freedom, and features statues of Jefferson and Madison, a custom upholstered seat cushion, touch screen A/V integration, lighting, and document graphics commemorating the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Florence County Museum

The mission of the Florence County Museum is to provide a dynamic sanctuary for the preservation, interpretation and exhibition of objects of scientific, historic, and artistic significance that are unique or of special interest to the people of Florence County and the Pee Dee region of South Carolina. CMS was awarded this project through competitive bid after designer Haley Sharpe recommended that we be included on the private bidder list. The exhibition is displayed in multiple galleries on two stories of this custom facility. Components on the first floor 3,300 square foot gallery include an 11 foot high, 24 foot by 24 foot display case that can be viewed from four sides. The CMS scope of work included the detailing, fabrication and installation of the case – including fiber optic lighting installation throughout the ceiling and custom double locking glass doors. One column of the case houses a projector for an evolving display about the people of Florence. The exhibit has the ability to be updated with photos of people who want to add their face to the existing show. Each side of the display is an independent collection from the others, allowing for easy changing of artifacts and subjects.

David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History “David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins” is Smithsonian’s centerpiece exhibition on human evolution and the Human story. CMS was chosen to detail, fabricate, deliver and install this major exhibition the largest exhibition CMS has produced to date. In addition to our own in-shop work, the scope included managing major subcontractors including; the general contractor, illustrators, scenic designers and installers, wallpaper specialists, glass suppliers and installers, a glass case fabricator (in Belgium), and artifact mount makers and installers. CMS also provided art direction services and interface with a forensic sculptor, casting foundry, A/V systems integrator, and Smithsonian Office of Exhibit Central who was responsible for the Lucy diorama. This fourteen month, seven million dollar project is the centerpiece of CMS’ portfolio of success with budget and timeframe restraints all being met.

“Battle for Time” at Monocacy National Battlefield

National Park Service “Battle for Time” at Monocacy National Battlefield in Frederick Maryland features over 6 vignettes illustrating the U.S. Civil Wars littlest known battle, The Battle of Monocacy. The visitor can immerse themselves in sight and sound experiences like General Jubal Early’s field tent with his original field desk, to the cellar of a farm house where one can see and hear the sounds of the battle outside the boarded-up cellar windows, Listen to soldiers retreat over a burning railroad trestle, or hear soldiers personal observations of the battle and the difficulties of war. CMS provided final detailing, value engineering, fabrication and finishing, delivery and installation labor for this beautiful and informative visitor center in the Historic Frederick MD. The exhibits occupy 2,200 square feet of space in the newly constructed visitor center at the park.

Cove Welcome Center

Canaveral Port Authority “Cove Welcome Center” is the centerpiece of an extensive redevelopment of The Cove harbor-side dining and retail area, as well as a community hub, repository of local history, visitor magnet and gateway to the region's attractions. CMS, working in close collaboration with the designer, provided detailing, fabrication and installation of a new Welcome Center featuring an iconic, seven story structure overlooking the Cape Canaveral Bay in Florida. The new Cove Welcome Center features exciting exhibitry on all seven levels.


SI-National Museum of Natural History “Q?RIUS” will function as a physical education center at NMNH, and as an open collaborative laboratory for the study and investigation of learning natural history science. After a competitive bid process on our open IDIQ contract, CMS was chosen to detail, fabricate, deliver and install permanent hands-on education space. Out of the 12,800 square ft, approximately ten thousand square feet (10,000 sq. ft.) space will be used for public activities, and the remainder of the space will be allocated for offices and support space. The space includes an entry way mural, signs, custom furniture, off-the-shelf products, collection display walls, media interactive, built-in collection cabinets, and videos.

Systems at Work

Smithsonian National Postal Museum “Systems at Work” postal exhibition’s story evolves via a chronological route radiating from a central immersive 270’ audio-visual theatre hub where visitors can compare how mail is processed and distributed during different time periods in American history. CMS was chosen to detail, fabricate, deliver and install this major exhibition focusing on the creation of a national postal network. This new gallery takes over the space previously occupied by three smaller galleries and the museum shop creating a new single gallery of approximately 3,200 sq. ft. CMS was also tasked with providing the overall demolition and renovation of the space within a shortened 6 week time period.

El Paso Museum of History

Neighborhoods and Shared Memories is a community-sourced exhibit that empowers its members to tell the story of their neighborhoods in their own words. The community is the curator with guidance from the Museum’s staff. The exhibit is, partially, temporary; every 18 months, a new set of neighborhoods will be on display. The exhibit furniture and casework is designed to be entirely adaptable to new configurations of artifacts and media. The exhibit was one of 18 exhibits selected from over 400 applicants for the AIGA "Justified" competition as an "outstanding case study."