CMS appreciates the tremendous creative effort that curators and designers have go through to develop an engaging, vibrant interpretive exhibit from a rough idea. We are here to assist in any way we can and at every phase. Whether it is estimating support, engineering input or ideas regarding new or alternate materials—we are here to make the all-important design and planning effort easier.

Our team takes its role in this complex process seriously. From initial project kick-off to final installation, each team member understands and appreciates the purpose of each CMS-built component and how it supports the whole experience. Maintaining the highest standards of quality both in craft and performance is paramount. Information flows both ways within the CMS fabrication team—ensuring a predictable outcome.

CMS enjoys an outstanding industry-wide reputation for its proactive installation team. Installation of a museum asset may be the final step in a long process, but the result is what your visitor will experience. The CMS installation philosophy is simple: “Whatever it takes.”