About Us

Everyone agrees, creativity and innovation are necessary for success, but the truth is, hard work is infinitely more important. Without it, even brilliant ideas will slowly wither on the vine. Proverbially speaking, this is “Our claim to fame,” “Our labor of love,” “Our reason for being.” We are Capitol Museum Services (CMS), preeminent providers of museum and visitor center fabrication and installation services. Our team of detailers and craftsmen work closely with designers and museum professionals to turn your vision into practical reality.

Our unique genius is evident in our:

Obsession for quality

We do whatever it takes to ensure that every piece of joinery, every artifact mount and every acrylic case is constructed to the most exacting standards — yours. Yes, the details matter to us.

Passion for service

At CMS, we all share the same mission: to make the fabrication and installation of your exhibit a positive experience, delivered on time and within budget.

Commitment to being your partner, not your vendor

This changes everything. It means we pride ourselves on value engineering, while applying our keen understanding of the demands and rigors of public space usage.

The result? A final, collaborative solution that maximizes impact, quality and lifetime value.